February 26, 2010

Congratulations and Revelations

Thursday night against NDSU, the Jaguars showed why they're one of the favorites to win the Summit League tournament. The Jaguars had a commanding 11-point lead over the Bison with 1:35 to play in the first half. About 12 game-minutes later, the Jags found themselves down by 1. After that 9:05 mark, Ron Hunter's team went on a 23-10 run, committing just two turnovers in the process compared to the 6 in the previous 12 minutes. Going into the game, the Jags knew they have the second seed (and a day off on Sunday following a first round win next Saturday) wrapped up. They could have let the very hostile crowd in Fargo get the best of them. Instead, the level-headed Jags pulled out a 12-point victory. This late into the season, the leadership and discipline needs to emerge. John Ashworth scored for the first time in 4 games, tallying 10 points. Alex really stepped up, though he struggled from the line. Billy and Leroy were steady as always, being fairly even across all of the columns. Rob was amazing as always, getting his third double-double of the year. Hopefully Saturday can be another great opportunity for a tuneup heading into the tournament, and the week ahead should be a great chance for some good practices.
There should be a small contention of IUPUI fans heading out to South Dakota, so long as the stars align the way they should be. Whether I personally can get there or not I'll be updating the blog for every single game, Saturday through Tuesday!
Robert Glenn Rob became the 19th 1,000 point-scorer in IUPUI history - just the sixth since the Jags went Division-1. He was the third fastest to do it (in just 60 games!!!), and the second fastest since IUPUI became a D-1 school. He is the fifth player to do it in just two years.
Billy Pettiford
Billy secured his 300th career assist in his four years at IUPUI. He's just four rebounds away from becoming the second IUPUI player ever to reach 600 rebounds and 300 assists, a goal that is very attainable against the shorter SDST on Saturday night.

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