March 30, 2010

IUPUI Violations and Response

IUPUI has been officially given the go-ahead to impose sanctions upon itself due to transgressions from 2003-2007. The problem has According to the NCAA, 97 student-athletes were issued false or invalid certificates of eligibility by "...human error..." and "...were not an attempt to obtain any competitive advantage." The IUPUI official release on their website ( stated "Rules violated concern credit-hour requirements, designation of degree program, fulfillment of percentage toward degree program, and exceptions to progress toward degree."
While this is a major problem for the university, they handled it appropriately. With the NCAA Head Quarters less than a mile from The Jungle, IUPUI was definitely under the magnifying glass for the last two and a half years while the internal investigation was going on. The sanctions include: Three years probation; Loss of some scholarships; 18 victories by the Men's Basketball team (2003-2004); 14 victories by the Women's Basketball team (2006-2007); and 40 victories by the Women's Volleyball team (2004-2006). There are no implications for the 2010-2011basketball seasons in terms of post season eligibility.

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