August 14, 2010

Women's Soccer: IUPUI 1-5 Illinois State (Exhibition)

The IUPUI Women's Soccer team played its only pre-season match today against the Redbirds of Illinois State University. There was plenty of heat and plenty of scoring, though nearly all of it was done by ISU.
The Battle For The Net
The battle for the goal keeper position - following Jamie Farrel's departure due to graduation - was wide open heading into the exhibition match, though head coach Chris Johnson might not have seen anything he liked. Red-shirted freshman Paige Koop (Seymour, Ind.) got the start over true freshmen Kristin Haseley (Zionsville, Ind.) and Giselle Guzman (North Hollywood, Calif.), but gave up three goals early. She also had an obvious problem trying to hold on to the ball nearly every time it was served in, giving a rebound attempt that should have instead been an easy stop. Guzman did a much better job after coming on in the second half, but her height (5-5) is going to be a problem. Both goals were over top (one by 6-2 forward Rachel Bostick), and at least three other shots were barely missed after clearing her hands. She originally debuted as a midfielder in the first half. Haseley did not play.

Freshman Playing Well
Freshman Sarah Colby (Westfield, Ind.) and Ashley Doreski (Schereville, Ind.) both played very well -something the Jaguars desperately needed to see. Colby - a forward - exhibited great speed both on and off the ball, as well as serving a few balls in well from the wing. Doreski - a midfielder - showed a different skill, being better on the ball and carrying the ball well through over midfield. Both are going to be key for the 2010 campaign.

Veterans Combine For Only Goal
The lone goal was scored by junior forward Alicia Brock (Carmel, Ind.) via senior defender Kelli Williams (Bloomington, Ind.). These two have been pegged by the Summit League as part of the top players in the conference and "Players to Watch". Combined they had 20 goals and 10 assists last year.

IUPUI begins their regular season action in Charleston, Ill. against Eastern Illinois University. Their first home game will be August 27 against Ball State, 7:00 pm at Kuntz Field.

Scoring Recap
IUPUI- Alicia Brock (Kelli Williams), 19'.
ISU- Alyssa Schulz (Jessica Carlson), 7'; Rachel Bostick, 10'; Mary Sahm [Penalty Kick], 39';  Rachel Bostick (Jessica Carlson), 48'; Allie Newsom, 83'.


  1. Sounds like it might be a re-building year. Hope the keeper position gets settled.

  2. Me too. The back line + keeper being on the same page is one of the most important things in soccer, and the less change there is the better.