September 15, 2010

Big Bold Jaguars? Find Out!

Yep, you heard it right. The Jaguars are trying to be big and bold. What's the best way to do that? DOUBLE HEADER! Followed the next day by a VOLLEYBALL GAME! I actually have no idea if that's the best way, but it's a dang good one. But that's just the start! Let's take a look at the ENTIRE upcoming weekend of IUPUI sports!

09/17 - 5:00 p.m. Men's Soccer vs. Valparaiso09/17 - 7:00 p.m. Women's Soccer vs. Indiana State
09/18 - 7:00 p.m. Women's Volleyball vs. IPFW

But why even show up? I mean, who goes to soccer games? Why does it matter? Kuntz Stadium? What?! Women's Soccer Head Coach Chris Johnson explains it better than I ever could!

Student on Sports: What do you like about Kuntz Stadium as a home field?
Coach Johnson: While we would prefer to be on campus so we are closer to the students, Kuntz does provide us with many amenities that we do not have on campus, so we are grateful to be able to have our home games over there.  It has a nice grass surface to play on and it has seating that can accommodate a good size crowd, but it is not so big that you feel overwhelmed by the size of the place.  The seating is very close to the field and the energy from the crowd flows right onto the field. 

SoS: How would packing the stadium really help your squad?
Coach: Last Friday night we had a great group of students from the Campus Outreach Program (25-30) attend the game and it really pumped up our players.  Our girls always appreciate being able to look into the crowd and see their parents, but seeing their classmates and firends really adds to the experience.  The group of students last week were loud and suppportive, but they were also civil and respectful in their cheering.  They helped us to a great 1-0 victory over a very good team from Western Michigan.  If we could have all of those suppoerters back and a few more then I know our girls would respond to the crowd and put on a great performance Friday night. 

SoS: Why should people who are on the fence about soccer in general come watch?  
Coach: Soccer is a great sport. It is comprised of great individual efforts within a team plan that is very beautiful to watch.  We try to put the ball on the ground, pass it aorund and look for opportunities when they are 'on' and it transalates into a very appealing style of soccer.  The action can be fast and physical at times, and very exciting for the fans who attend.  
Our players are good, hard-working young ladies who embody everything in the name "Student-Athlete".  We are a young group right now, but we are growing into a very nice team, and I foresee great things for us down the road.  Come watch us now, so when we have another great season, you can claim to have been a supporter all along!

Soccer is my favorite sport to watch live, but Coach Johnson's explanation makes me want to be there even more! Just give it a chance, even if you don't like soccer, support your school! Your friends! Your classmates! Your alma mater's team!

Same goes for volleyball! If you've never seen collegiate volleyball, you're missing out. You think it's impressive when a basketball player dives to the wood to grab a ball? Try doing that every time a ball is hit. Our Lady Jaguars Volleyball team puts on a fast paced, high energy (with TONS of cheers and whoops and yelps for fun!) action that will leave you smiling and wanting to get out there yourself!

Listen: tickets are ONE DOLLAR if you don't have a JagTag. If you do, THEY'RE FREE. If you're under 18, or have kids under 18, THEY GET IN FREE. Three events. Two dollars, MAXIMUM. Why not?! PACK Kuntz. PACK The Jungle. See you there!

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