September 6, 2010

Men's Soccer Downed 1-0; Women's Soccer Beaten 4-0

Adjectives are fun, aren't they? Anyway, both soccer teams took on major schools this weekend. Okay, maybe not constant national title contenders, but when you hear the universities of Nebraska and Kentucky, you know them. Both sides were goalless in their attempts, but 4-0 isn't as good of a result as 1-0. Each final score tells the story of how each season is going.
Ladies first.

Freshman Kristin Haseley got her second start in net, but this result - as opposed to her first which was a shut out - was not as good. She did make six saves, which is a lot. Four goals allowed doesn't look as bad when you're being shelled like that. The women's biggest problem currently is scoring. Three goals in five games. Actually, three goals in one game, zero in the rest. I can't believe there are too many different things going on with the offense. Freshman Ashley Doreski and Sarah Colby have been big additions to the attack, but still nothing. Megan Hock and Alicia Brock (Hock and Brock has a nice ring to it...I can see a law firm somewhere being Hock and Brock) haven't done much of anything.

My assessment is pretty simple: Better defensive play feeding into the offense.

Basic, right? Let's get it done ladies. No time like the present.


The men were able to achieve a 1-0 result against Kentucky. Again, not a giant awesome result, Kentucky isn't UCLA. But something to be happy about.  Keever has been wonderful in the net, allowing only two goals and stopping nine attempts. The offense was humming in the first game (UNC-Asheville), and wasn't fully silenced against Kentucky.

There is less to go on for now but the men need to do one thing much better than last year: Win balls at midfield and push forward.

Can they do this? I think so. The Starting XI have been the same for both matches which is definitely an important factor in creating a winning side. We'll see how the rest of the season goes.


Women's Soccer next match vs. Western Michigan at Kuntz Stadium.
Men's Soccer next match at Central Arkansas in Conway, Arkansas.

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