September 23, 2010

Shann Hart Out As WBB Head Coach

Embattled IUPUI Women's Basketball Head Coach Shann Hart has been fired.

The firing comes after a long investigation into allegations that surfaced in a report back in July. 

Here is the list of NCAA rule violations that were claimed to have taken place under Hart:
  • Hart violated NCAA rules by requiring basketball activities -- practice, film study, weightlifting -- in excess of 20 hours per week. Time logs required by the NCAA, obtained by The Star through a public records request, show glaring omissions and questionable verification.
  • Coaches routinely watched recruits scrimmage against current players -- a violation of NCAA rules -- through a window outside the gym.
  • A Star review of logs for the past four seasons shows not a single minute listed for "film review," a routine and mandatory activity that players said often lasted more than two hours. Players said coaches would pick pet players or freshmen to supply the one or two signatures on the school's compliance log.
IUPUI's Chancellor Charles R. Bantz created an advisory committee to assist the athletic department in their investigation. Here is the official release from the IUPUI News Center:

IUPUI Athletic Director Michael Moore today announced that the university has terminated without cause its contract with Women’s Basketball Coach Shann Hart, effective immediately.
Moore said that Hart, who was hired in 2004, will be paid the salary she would have earned during the remainder of her contract, which expires May 31, 2013.
The decision to terminate Coach Hart’s contract was made in the best interests of the program, Moore said.
A report from the Chancellor’s Ad Hoc Advisory Committee on the IUPUI Women’s Basketball Program is not being released because it is deliberative and personnel information.
The IUPUI Athletics Department has taken several steps to re-emphasize or start programs that assist student/athletes in freely raising concerns or complaints. Among them are: 
  • Individual Team meetings were held to inform student-athletes about the student-athlete grievance procedure, financial aid policy and appeals process and the IUPUI transfer policy. These meetings were intended to highlight the information located in the IUPUI Student-Athlete Handbook and allow the opportunity for questions.
  • Monthly meetings have been scheduled between the athletics administration and Student-Athlete Advisory Committee officers to discuss issues that may be important to the student-athletes.

Moore said he plans to hire a new women’s basketball coach shortly.
More information will be available as it comes out.


  1. Did I hear that she will be paid through 2013? Geez, I wish I could be "fired"


  2. Oh, she is getting paid. I'm not too happy about that, either. I need to talk with someone yet to find out if there's a reason/finding from the inquiry that might explain it.