October 31, 2010

Game Preview, Exhibition 1: Anderson University

Boy does it feel good to be doing game previews again. The exhibitions are going to be exceedingly important, especially with the entirely new type of offensive flow. Plenty of information after the jump.

Who: Anderson University
What: Exhibition 1
When: November 1, 2010; 6:00pm
Where: The Jungle, IUPUI

Anderson University
From: Anderson, Indiana
Division: NAIA-Division III
Conference: Heartland Collegiate Athletic Association
Pre-Season Rank: #1 in the the HCAA
2009-2010 Record: 23-6 (13-3)

Projected Starters
Guard: Stephen Thomas
Guard: John Ashworth
Forward: Alex Young
Forward: Leroy Nobles
Forward: Christian Siakam

Projected Key Subs
Guard: Greg Rice
Guard: Sean Esposito
Guard: Nick DeShepper
Forward: Donovon Gibbs
Center: Mitchell Patton

Keys to the Game
1) Win. 
This is a pre-season game, yes, and it seems fairly obvious winning would be a key...but losing would be horrible both for team moral and the immediate future. Last year IUPUI won by 35 behind Alex Young and Robert Glenn, and this year should be much of the same.
2) Develop A Rhythm Early.
The only way IUPUI has a chance to beat #12 Gonzaga in their first game is to create mid-season bonds in the pre-season. The rhythm needs to happen fast and remain constant no matter who is in the game. Low turnover numbers, smart shot selection, and avoiding silly fouls all lead to a perfect game.
3) Don't Allow More Than 60.
60 points is more than enough to give up to a Division-III team that you're going to score quickly and easily on. The defense has been struggling in practice, but that could be a sign of great offensive things to come.
4) Shoot Better Than 45%.
Last year IUPUI was ranked towards the top in the NCAA in field goal percentage, mainly because of the high-percentage shot selection in the paint. The Jaguars success will come from more mid-to-long range shooting for a high percentage, and it starts in game one.

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