October 31, 2010

Player Preview: Men's Basketball - Seniors

This year's seniors will be asked to step up as always, but in a support role more than anything else. Let us dive in, shall we?

1 Leroy Nobles
Position: Guard/Forward
High School: Central; Kentucky
Height: 6'5
Weight: 195lbs
2009-2010 Stats: 36 GP, 36 GS; 32.8 MPG;  145-325 FG, 70-166 3P, 114-144 FT; 13.2 PPGProjected Playing Time: Tons
Role: Sharp-shooting (from all areas of the floor) Nobles will be in charge of stepping up big when others, namely Alex Young, are struggling. His ability to snag a board, score in transition, pull up from deep, and score inside make him a pivotal factor in IUPUI's success. Depending how the 4 and 5 play, we could end up seeing another 18+ duo in Young and Nobles.

32 Anthony Williams
Position: Forward
High School: Lake Region; Florida
Height: 6'8
Weight: 240lbs
2009-2010 Stats: 15 GP, 0 GS; 1.7 MPG;  8-11 FG, 0-0 3P, 1-2 FT; .9 PPGProjected Playing Time: Limited
Role: 'Smooth' is a great kid, but he doesn't seem to fit the offense as well as other guys do. He should see some time inside, but with the two big freshman looking better and better at practice, his numbers could be similar to the last two years (1.7-1.8 minutes per game). [He doesn't owe me any dunks, though I'm hoping for one or two.]

42 John Ashworth
Position: Guard
High School: Franklin Central; Indiana
Height: 6'3
Weight: 195lbs
2009-2010 Stats: 36 GP, 36 GS; 33.1 MPG;  51-136 FG, 27-83 3P, 33-45 FT; 4.5 PPGProjected Playing Time: Lots
Role: Ash's role will be completely different in 2010-2011. Last year he was the primary distributer and his numbers showed that. But he is a much better 2-guard than a 1. With Stephen Thomas and Greg Rice running the point, John's shooting will improve dramatically, probably ending up somewhere about 8-10 points per game.

44 Nick DeShepper
Position: Guard
High School: Hamilton Southeastern; Indiana
Height: 6'3
Weight: 180lbs
2009-2010 Stats: 10 GP, 0 GS; 4.4 MPG;  1-6 FG,1-5 3P, 4-7 FT; .7 PPGProjected Playing Time: Some
Role: With John Ashworth moving to the 2-guard, Shep's minutes will be limited. Around the middle of the second half of the season, Coach Hunter went to Nick on multiple occasions and I expect him to do the same filling in for John this year. He'll probably get about 6-7 minutes a game, doing whatever duties the team needs.


  1. The Jags have some solid seniors in Ashworth and Nobles. Crazy how Ashworth's stats are kind of dull yet he's been known as one of the team's best players. Just seems like he knows what to do with the ball.

  2. His basketball IQ is off the charts, which makes him one of the best 2-guards in the league. His numbers last year were perfectly in line with what a PG should be, and I'd be shocked if they didn't sky rocket this year.
    He'll also be filling the gap Pettiford left, maybe not so much inside obviously, but definitely with that one extra pass that finds the wide open man.