November 29, 2010

Game Preview, Game 7: Indiana University - East

Just like the IU-Northwest game, IU-East is simply the final tuneup that counts. IUPUI will win by a bunch, but there is plenty to work on in the process. Let's take a look.

Keys to the Game

1) Hit Threes.
0-8 hurts. Make a ton, run up the score, watch the ball go in. You'll get plenty of open looks, don't ruin them.

2) Hit High Percentage Shots.
The big guys who aren't good superhoop shooters need to attack the basket and rack up points in the paint. IU-East will come in undersized and wide-eyed. Exploit the size difference. Score a ton.

3) Score A Ton.
I want to see IUPUI put up 80-90 points tonight. They need it to build confidence going into two games against Summit League teams and two tough games in Ohio. I want the score to be 100-20.

4) 50% FG; 80% FT; 40% 3P.


  1. Michael did you go to the game did you see how good IU East was? IU east would have beat IUPUI if it was not if it was not 7 vs 5! your crazy Mic do you play basketball?

  2. So you think a win of over 20 points was decided by the officials??? There were plenty of bad calls but not enough to make a difference of over 20 points...

  3. I have a feeling we've been infiltrated by the IU East students. Probably the one with the baritone.

  4. That guy with the baritone was hilarious! I think we need to recruit him for our student section at IUPUI!

  5. Not sure who ^ that is but they're definitely not an IUPUI student.