November 9, 2010

IUPUI Basketball: Did You Know?

IUPUI's success since it has become a division one school is impressive, but just how impressive? Let's examine the little-known numbers to see exactly what they mean for the Jaguars.

Because it's sometimes hard to put things in perspective, here is IUPUI's numbers compared to Indiana's.

(IUPUI) Athletic Revenue, 2009- $5,530,418 (331/344)
(Indiana) Athletic Revenue, 2009- $60,615,528 (34/344)
(IUPUI) Athletic Expenses, 2009- $5,530,418 (331/344)
(Indiana) Athletic Expenses, 2009- $55,131,133 (40/344)
(IUPUI) MBB Expenses, 2009- $1,107,367 (244/344)
(Indiana) MBB Expenses, 2009- $6,046,942 (15/344)
(IUPUI) Recruitment Expenses, 2009- $16,794 (343/344)
(Indiana) Recruitment Expenses, 2009- $526,772 (15/344)
(IUPUI) Cost Per Win, 2009 (25 wins)-$44,294.68 
(Indiana) Cost Per Win, 2008 (10 wins)- $604,694.20

In 2009-2010, IUPUI was able to win 25 games, 15 more than its "mother" campus (what a loose definition) down in Bloomington. This year, IUPUI starts off ranked around 125th in the nation, while IU starts around 158.

Okay, I'm going to come out and say it: Ron Hunter and IUPUI know how to succeed. It's an intangible. It can't be learned in a book or a classroom. Hunter and his staff landed three of the top recruits in all of Kentucky on $16,000, most of which probably went to gas and hotels. The Jaguars spent about $45,000 for every win they got in 2009, Indiana spent over $604,000. IUPUI made a run into the post season, including their very first Division-1 post-season victory. Indiana was the laughing stock of the Big10.

I'm a fan of mid major basketball, and IUPUI's success is one of the most obvious indicators why. The Jaguars are forced to to more with less. IU brought in $60M, IUPUI just over $5.5M. Awesome.


Tell me what you think of IUPUI's success regards to their monetary restrictions!

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