November 14, 2010

LIVE CHAT: IUPUI Men at Gonzaga


  1. Zag fan here. Half of our opening game thread was about how awful our tv commentators are, so we are very frustrated with them, too. The radio announcers are... okay, but I think most of us miss Dennis Patchin. Anyway, we know you are IUPUI and this is very embarrassing for us. I hope they listen to our complaints soon...

  2. Oh we don't blame Gonzaga, its students, players, etc. Those people have been perfectly accommodating and helpful, etc. We give you tons of props, especially the students. They kept the pressure up even when it was a 30 point lead.

    The TV guys though...holy hell. I've never been so appalled by announcers in my life. Constantly getting names wrong, bitching about this and that, and for a while they stopped calling the game to play grab-ass. Something needs to be done about them. I may not be upset at the Gonzaga program, but someone is going to be. They did not represent the school the way I know Gonzaga would have liked them to.

    Either way, best of luck to Gonzaga the rest of the way through the season. They truly have an incredible team. The first half was rough for everyone, but the second half they were able to accelerate away as quickly as they liked.