January 4, 2011

The State Of Indiana: January 5th

If you don't think the hype about fans of basketball in the state of Indiana, you need to read the Facebook exchange between by friends Zeus and Tim about where to put each team. These things matter, and to put a real numerical value on each team just makes sense. Don't like where your team is ranked? Say something!

#1 Purdue 1.00 (Prev. 1)

With just one loss (to Richmond) all season, Purdue is chugging right along. They have one of the nations top defenses and are undefeated at home. An easier start to Big Ten play (@ Michigan, Northwestern, Penn State, and Iowa) but then it picks up (Michigan State, @ Ohio State, Minnesota, @ Wisconsin). They're proving a lot of people wrong by still producing and succeeding without Robbie Hummel.

BBState.com: 7
RPI: 11
SOS: 59
Record: 13-1 (2-0)
vs IN: 3-0
Michael: 1
Zeus: 1
Tim: 1

#2 Notre Dame 2.09 (Prev 3)

A grueling Big East road schedule will slow down this team, evidenced by a neutral court non-conference loss against Kentucky and a conference loss at Syracuse, but don't expect a HUGE drop off. They'll have to continue to make the most out of home games, like beating Gonzaga (83-79) and UConn (73-70). Ben Hansbrough and Tim Abromaitis are a dangerous 1-2 punch.

BBState.com: 45
RPI: 14
SOS: 45
Record: 12-2 (1-1)
vs IN: 1-0
Michael: 2
Zeus: 2
Tim: 2

#3 Butler 3.67 (Prev. 2)

I have to say, Butler was looking like there was only a slight Cinderella-hang over from last year's National Championship Game. Falling to Louisville (arena opening), Evansville (assumed fluke), Duke (crazy good), and Xavier (rivalry game) all seemed like understandable losses...but Milwaukee? Xavier isn't as good as in past years, and games like @ Detroit and @ Cleveland State are looking more and more dangerous. But hey, they struggled last year, right?

BBState.com: 28
RPI: 26
SOS: 13
Record: 10-5 (2-1)
vs IN: 2-1
Michael: 4
Zeus: 3
Tim: 4

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#4 Indiana 4.33 (Prev. 4)

Without a doubt the post (positively) surprising team in the entire state, IU is playing well against everyone but good teams. They still have a long way to go to be elite, or even competitive in the Big Ten, but Tom Crean is definitely making strides every season. Christian Watford is averaging 16.4 PPG in just 28.4 MPG - that's the same as 23.8 per 40 minutes. Oh, but they've lost five in a row.

BBState.com: 134
RPI: 197
SOS: 217
Record: 9-6 (0-2)
vs IN: 0-0
Michael: 6
Zeus: 4
Tim: 3

#5 IPFW 5.00 (Prev. 7)

Despite playing a fairly easy schedule, IPFW has shown they can hang in there against the good teams and even steal one or two (like at Oral Roberts). Dane Fife has his team poised to be at the top of the Summit League for the first time. Perhaps the in-state game with the most riding on it all season is IUPUI @ IPFW this Saturday. The 'Dons will look to go 5-0 in league play ever and keep their rivals from down south from gaining any traction in the "Race to the Summit."

BBState.com: 148
RPI: 125
SOS: 293
Record: 9-4 (5-0)
vs IN: 0-2
Michael: 3
Zeus: 5
Tim: 7

#6 Valpo 5.67 (Prev. 5)

Proving there is an obvious human element to these polls, IPFW is ranked above Valpo...whom they lost to. But hey, that's how it happens. Valpo's biggest win by far was a 103-102 overtime victory at Oakland, something that speaks volumes to Homer Drew's coaching ability. They really have a chance to challenge Butler for the top of the Horizon League, despite falling by 17 in Indianapolis.

BBState.com: 76
RPI: 73
SOS: 112
Record: 10-5 (2-1)
vs IN: 2-2
Michael: 5
Zeus: 7
Tim: 5

#7 IUPUI 6.33 (Prev. 6)

Despite struggling to get into any kind of recognizable rhythm early in the season, the Jaguars seem to have found their groove of late. After being dismantled by Duquesne in Pittsburgh, they've gone 3-1 with their only loss coming by two points to San Diego State. They face a major test against Oakland and IPFW on the road this weekend.

BBState.com: 141
RPI: 165
SOS: 164
Record: 8-8 (2-1)
vs IN: 0-0
Michael: 7
Zeus: 6
Tim: 6

#8 Evansville 8.33 (Prev. 9)

The only thing keeping the Purple Aces afloat right now was their victory at Butler. They were destroyed in their two decent conference games, and proceeded to barely beat Indiana State. They'll need to challenge their inner...um...Purple Ace?...going forward.

BBState.com: 172
RPI: 167
SOS: 216
Record: 7-6 (1-2)
vs IN: 2-1
Michael: 8
Zeus: 8
Tim: 9

#9 Ball State 8.67 (Prev. 8)

Don't let the rankings below fool you, Ball State isn't good. They're the same team that lost to Alaska Anchorage, eeked out a win on the road against Eastern Illinois, and lost to Valpo by 17.

BBState.com: 107
RPI: 103
SOS: 236
Record: 8-4 (0-0)
vs IN: 1-2
Michael: 9
Zeus: 9
Tim: 8

#10 Indiana State 10.00 (Prev. 10)

If you think your team is confusing right now, take a look at Indiana State's recent history. Loss @ Ball State by 15. Win @ Oral Roberts by 5. Loss @ Wyoming by 30. Win over DePaul by 22. There is just no explanation for what is happening in Terre Haute. OH! And they're 0-4 against in-state against Evansville, Purdue, Ball State, and Notre Dame.

BBState.com: 179
RPI: 172
SOS: 155
Record: 7-7 (2-1)
vs IN: 0-4
Michael: 10
Zeus: 10
Tim: 10

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