February 22, 2011

Summit League Power Rankings - 02/22/2011

With just one week to go, Summit League Tournament seeding is still up for grabs from the second spot all the way down to eighth. This last weekend was pockmarked with near upsets and true shockers. Let's check in on everyone and see where they stand.

Weekend Scores


SDST 80-64 @ IPFW
SUU 80-68 @ IUPUI
UMKC 66-61 @ WIU
@ OAK 71-69 NDST


@ IUPUI 84-69 UMKC
@ IPFW 73-61 NDST
@ OAK 105-96 SDST
@ ORU 79-63 (Pacific)
SUU 68-63 @ WIU

Short Week: Oral Roberts & Centenary


Post-Weekend Rankings

Team Record Games Back
1) Oakland 15-1 N/A
2) ORU 11-5 4.0
3) IUPUI 11-5 4.0
4) IPFW 10-6 5.0
5) SDST 10-6 5.5
6) UMKC 9-7 6.0
7) NDST 7-10 8.5
8) SUU 6-10 9.0
9) WIU 2-14 13.0
10) CENT 0-16 15.0

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Student On Sports Power Rankings

1) Oakland

Oakland needs to make sure they don't slip in the last two games of the regular season. They had a hard time dispatching the Dakotas, which doesn't bode well for the Grizz. They need to be sure to get the kinks out against UMKC and Southern Utah, two very likely upcoming Summit League Tournament opponents.

2) Oral Roberts

The showdown with IUPUI is going to be absolutely huge. ORU hasn't played anyone tough in a couple of weeks, and beating IUPUI would be a huge step in the right direction for Scott Sutton's club.


To get the second seed in the Summit League Tournament, IUPUI absolutely MUST beat ORU on Thursday. Traditionally, this has been extremely difficult task for the Jaguars, so completing this task would truly prove they've earned the second seed.

4) South Dakota State

South Dakota State has proven that, besides a few unfortunate blemishes, they are the real deal. With Nate Wolters growing more confident each game, they are due for a good stretch of games. The worst part for everyone else? The Jacks will be in their own backyard.


The only thing keeping IPFW afloat right now is their two wins over Oral Roberts. Without those, they'd be far worse off, as shown by their absolute beat down at the hands of South Dakota State. They are a good young team, but Dane Fife's magic dust is quickly running out. If the Dons aren't careful, they could slip below both UMKC and South Dakota State, potentially moving from the 4- to 6-seed.


The Roos showed their true colors this weekend, falling to IUPUI and struggling against WIU. I am curious to see how they can come together in South Dakota...or if they even have another gear to shift into. Beating IPFW this upcoming weekend would be huge for their morale, and potentially their tournament seed.

7) North Dakota State

Despite not beating Oakland or IPFW this weekend, Michael Tveidt and gang have shown they potentially can. While I doubt they could string together three consecutive wins against the top four teams, they absolutely have the potential to ruin someones tournament.

8) Southern Utah

If I were one of the T-Birds reserves, I would frame Thursday night's box score. Those kids played absolutely out of their minds, a feat they'd be hard pressed to repeat. Either way, good for them. They can still take over the seventh seed with wins over Oakland and IPFW (would move past North Dakota State on a tie-breaker), though I have to wonder if their season finale against Oakland will be more of a practice round before meeting them again a week later.

T-10) Western Illinois

Western is down for the count. Besides being only 3-20 against Division-1 teams (counting Centenary as a Division-3 team...), only one win over a D-1 team has come since the new calendar year began. If Centenary is going to get a win, it will be against the Leathernecks.

T-10) Centenary

In all reality, they have one chance to win left. I would love nothing more than to see them beat Western Illinois, because desperation can lead teams to do crazy things...like win. (IUPUI is at Centenary in the season finale...)


Week 8 Schedule

Thursday, February 24

Western Illinois @ Centenary
IPFW @ Southern Utah
IUPUI @ Oral Roberts
Oakland @ UMKC

Friday, February 25

South Dakota State @ North Dakota State

Saturday, February 26

IUPUI @ Centenary
Oakland @ Southern Utah
Western Illinois @ Oral Roberts

Short Week:
North Dakota State & South Dakota State

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