March 6, 2011

A Tease...

There are more of us, you know.

Not necessarily at IUPUI, maybe not even in Indiana. But across the Summit League, we students have a bond with our teams. From typically small groups, much smaller than the thousands that pack the Carrier Dome, we bond with our guys because we can get to know them as individuals and not just numbers on jerseys. In doing so, we become attached. We do things that might not make sense. Like three groups who drove further than any to be here in Sioux Falls, all for the possibility of seeing history.

You of course know about those of us from the Red Zone at IUPUI. Ben and I have taken on the journey with Ashley, Christian's girlfriend, and Lindsey, Alex's girlfriend. Lindsey flew from Indianapolis to Chicago to Sioux Falls, but the other three of us took on nature - and sanity - by driving north. We left early Friday morning, with the intention of staying in Madison, Wisconsin at my good friend Danielle's apartment. Fighting some kind of travel gremlin, we eventually pulled into downtown Madison six hours later than anticipated, just moments before a dense ice/snow mixture began covering everything in its path.

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The three of us left Danielle's apartment early Saturday morning, taking the seven-ish hour trip to our final destination - the Fairfield Inn of Sioux Falls, South Dakota - in unfortunate stride. We sang songs from our childhood (O-TOWN!), pondered religious convictions, and ate at a terrible/incredible pizza chain along the way. By the time we arrived, it was all I could do to jump into the shower and get ready for the night at Sioux Falls Arena.

I had no idea what I wanted the world to know about Day One. A million things came to mind, but nothing that seemed Then, it came to me....


For the remainder of the story, you'll have to wait until it's published on!

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