March 14, 2011

The Summit League in the Post Season

Summit League Tournament winner Oakland University won't be the only Badlands team participating in a post season tournament this Spring.

Oakland University, winners of their second straight Summit League Tournament over Oral Roberts, will face the University of Texas in, of all places, Tulsa, Oklahoma at 12:15 ET this coming Friday. Most major sports pundits are putting the Longhorns on watch, as Oakland comes in as a major giant-slayer...and they are right to do it. Texas isn't a tournament-tested team. They are young, small, and have a lot of unfounded confidence. Oakland is lead by upperclassmen who are on a mission after a botched upset bit just a season ago. Texas is going down.

Oral Roberts was the runner up to Oakland in the regular season and at the tournament, but won't be left out of post season play. ORU will head to Southern Methodist University (SMU) on Tuesday in the first round of the Tournament.

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Our IUPUI Jaguars were offered a chance to play in the College Basketball Invitational (CBI) put on by the Gazelle Group. Though seeming it was all but a formality for the Jaguars to participate in their second straight CBI Tournament, the Jaguars will be at home this month. Disappointing, and extremely confusing. I'm still trying to get to the bottom of exactly what happened.

IUPUI has a plethora of 2010-11 opponents in the post season. In the NCAA Tournament, Ohio State, San Diego State, and Oakland will represent four of IUPUI's losses from this season. Additionally, Ohio, San Fransisco, and of course Oral Roberts are in the Tournament. The National Invitational Tournament (NIT) is the only tournament the Jaguars do not have an opponent from this season in.


  1. oakland was 4 of the losses? 2 regular season and then?

  2. I get it now sorry about that.. I read it as "Oakland will represent four of it's losses"

  3. I heard on JMV today that even if you recieve an invitation to the CIB, it still costs a pretty good chunk of money play in the actually tournament. If this is actually a fact, money could have possibly played a pretty big role in IUPUI opting out...