April 2, 2012

Campus Citizen: April Edition

The IUPUI Campus Citizen will be coming to you digitally this month! Check out some awesome stories below!

Advising Matters (Joshua Morrison)
Netflix: The Cruelest Mistress (Austen Hurt)
Phi Mu Pancake Breakfast Photo Spread
One Year Means Everything (Jason Haddix)
Where Did All The Upsets Go? (Michael Hadley)


Advising Matters
by Joshua Morrison

Welcome back from what I hope was a productive and enjoyable Spring Break! While the break is a welcome time for many to recharge, and perhaps catch up, it is often a reminder of summer and fall registration, advising appointments, and setting up internships for the summer months.

Advisors work closely with students to help them define their career paths, whether students want to immediately enter the work force upon graduation, or if a graduate or professional degree is necessary preparation for a career. Internships are an excellent way to prepare for both work force and graduate or professional programs. They can enable students to get a real sense of what an occupation is like.

Nearly every academic school at IUPUI has staff dedicated to seeking out, and connecting students with, internships, on and off-campus jobs, and other forms of experiential learning. This term, “experiential learning,” means any activity where students learn important skills through action, often in a laboratory, workplace, or community organization. Beyond simply learning to do more or different things, experiential learning requires students to reflect on their experiences. That is, they make their own meanings and connections by virtue of the experience. After students gain these experiences, they are able to contribute more in class, produce better and more innovative work, and may have developed a passion. That is how experiential learning, for me, is most valuable. Through these experiences, students can “try on” roles and engage in true discovery about what really works for them. This is a crucial step in your own academic and career development.

Students can turn to a number of resources on campus for help in developing their own experiential learning opportunities. Besides career services staff in your school, the campus also supports online tools such as JagJobs.org. JagJobs is a great way to find an on or off-campus internship or part-time job, and allows you to connect with IUPUI alumni in your area of interest. Taking some time to develop a career plan and networking with employers and alumni are always good ideas. Your student fees support these offices and activities, so use them to your advantage.

One final note – I want to recognize the outstanding faculty and staff that were nominated for Advisor of the Year. These individuals were nominated for their dedication to quality academic advising and advising administration at IUPUI. In the academic advisor-primary role category, the nominees were: Jane Alexander, Ivette Barbosa, George Davis, Lindsay Grove, Pam Hacker, Mikki Jeschke, Shannon Kelley, Ginger Lauderback, Laura Masterson, Kelly Matthews, Jessica McCormick, LouAnna Tolliver, Kristi Shea, Mary Wheeler, Cindy Williams, and Casey Windhorst. In the faculty advisor category, the nominees were: Dr. Lisa Angermeier, Ms. Susie Benko, Mr. Jim Bennett, Mr. Jay Bradley, Dr. Carl Cowen, Dr. David Craig, Dr. Claudia Grossmann, Dr. John Hazer, Dr. Elizabeth Jones, Ms. Emily McLaughlin, Dr. Anita Morgan, Mr. Jim Powell, Ms. Rachel Swinford, Mr. Siddhartha Thimmireddy, Dr. Gavriil Tsechpenakis, and Dr. Robert Yost. In the advising administrator category, the nominees were: Luke Bickel, Florence Rogers, Lisa Ruch, Sarah Shore-Beck, and Joseph Thompson.

The winners are:
  • Academic Advisor-Primary Role: Ginger Lauderback, Mechanical Engineering
  • Faculty Advisor: Jay Bradley, School of Physical Education & Tourism Management
  • Advising Administrator: Danny King, School of Engineering & Technology

When you see the nominees or winners around campus, please congratulate them on this recognition. They certainly deserve it!


Netflix: The Cruelest Mistress
by Austen Hurt

I think I may have experienced a real tragedy here recently, one of the most significant in my life. It may very well be a loss on par with nothing else I have ever experienced. Let me take you back, set the scene and let you understand the true pain I’ve experienced in the week since my loss.

If you have been following my work here at the Campus Citizen, you will recall I recently sat down to watch “Assault on Precinct 13,” John Carpenter’s 1976 thriller about a police station under siege from crazy people. If you’ve not read it, it’s on the website. In quick summary, I actually quite liked the film, considering it a well-orchestrated exercise in film minimalism. I streamed it from Netflix, the first of many films I intend to review from the streaming service.

It was a good movie and all but that’s not the point here. A few days later, I was browsing through Netflix again, planning to watch something with my girlfriend before bed when I stumbled up on the Holy Grail of ridiculous 80’s action: A new Netflix category had appeared, titled “Like: Assault on Precinct 13”. And that category was glorious. It was easily fifty films deep, a smattering of John Carpenter’s work speckled throughout a veritable cornucopia of ridiculous action films. I spent a good ten minutes flipping through it, basically laughing and gibbering, my brain clearly overloading as it tried to process this treasure trove of ridiculous, terrible films.

At one point, my girlfriend pointed out that at least two thirds of the covers had men with guns and many of those men had laughable eighties mustaches.

Understand, of course, that I intended to write a regular column about old movies, good and bad, that could be readily streamed from Netflix. This was a gold mine of writing material, the perfect opportunity to write story after story about washed up action heroes and depressingly amateurish filmmaking. Once my elation subsided, we settled into watching one of our usual shows as I quietly planned to start digging into the category the next day, when I had time to myself, almost like it was some sort of horrible taboo, which with all of the mustaches isn’t much of a stretch.

But it wasn’t meant to be. The next day I settled down in front of my TV, booted up Netflix, absolutely ready to subject myself to a barrage of awful action films for the entire day. My heart sank when the category was gone, stolen from me by the fickle categorization system Netflix uses. It wasn’t the first time it had happened to me, but it was undeniably the most painful.

I’m sure I will have fond memories of those fleeting moments with you, Like: Assault on Precinct 13. Much like my first love, I realize I’ll never again be able to experience those sorts of elated moments, but I’ll cherish them forever.

As I write this, I’ve looked back at my Internet-based Netflix browser again and my heart went all a flutter. There, seated between “More like Top Gear (U.K.)” and “More like Burn Notice” was my latest crush, “More like Assault on Precinct 13”. But as I looked closer, I realized it was a cruel joke, an effigy of my real love. The category has maybe 20 items, almost all of them John Carpenter, a pathetic facsimile of what I had lost.
That’s it, then. A classic story of love found, love lost and crushing depression afterwards. The bottle may be in my future now, but that’s okay, I have to find solace somewhere.

On that note, don’t forget to submit your questions and stories to me for my new advice column, Ask Austen. I’m sure you can see that I can give the best advice available about any issue that could be bothering you. Send your questions to me at aghurt@iupui.edu.


Phi Mu Pancake Breakfast Photo Spread

Photo by Garret Walton
Phi Mu chapter members Grace Kirchgraer and Shelby Williams, flip pancakes in an effort to support the Children's Miracle Network. This is Phi Mu's fourth year of hosting the pancake breakfast in which all proceeds directly benefit the patients at Riley Children's Hospital.

Photo by Garret Walton
IUPUI student, Tyler Ciboch, eats his plate of pancakes in the atrium of the Campus Center. The breakfast was $3 per plate; it included two pancakes, fresh fruit and juice or water.


Neutral Site?
by Kristin Haseley

Sioux Falls, South Dakota is a quaint city that was founded in 1856 along the banks of the Big Sioux River. It boasts the largest population in South Dakota, accounting for 28 percent of the state’s total population.  Sioux Falls is also home to Sioux Falls Arena, which plays host to the Summit League Basketball Championships.

Both the South Dakota State men’s and women’s basketball programs raised the Summit League Champion banner this year in Sioux Falls, and as they did record-setting crowds filled the arena with deafening cheers. One journalist from the University of South Dakota tweeted “Sioux Falls Arena is going ballistic. My ears actually hurt. Physically hurt. I can’t hear myself talk at press row.” 

But it wasn’t just during the trophy ceremonies that the crowd erupted.  The mass of blue and yellow flooded the arena anytime a SDSU team was playing.  Even when their Jackrabbits were absent from the floor, they flooded the arena and put their allegiance behind the team they believed would be easier to defeat.

The distance from South Dakota State University to Sioux Falls Arena is a measly 59 minutes.
The IUPUI men’s and women’s programs were both tasked with facing the Jackrabbits during the 2012 Summit League Basketball Tournament. The men the Jackrabbits in the first round, falling 77-56, and the women fell 79-54 in the second round.

But it wasn’t just IUPUI who suffered the brute force of the SDSU faithful.  As I sat in the post-game press conferences after both the men’s and women’s games, the same question kept coming up. “What did you think of playing in this atmosphere?”

“They created an energy that’s kind of indescribable,” said South Dakota State’s Jennie Sunnarborg after the championship game, speaking about the thousands of fans who turned Sioux Falls into “South Brookings.”

Western Illinois head coach Jim Molinari best stated the opposing viewpoint after his team suffered an overtime defeat against SDSU.

"This was a road game. The reality of it is, they stayed in the game because we were on the road," Molinari said. "I'm not making an excuse and I think it's great for our league, but I think you have to be 10 points better to win here, and we weren't tonight."

Earlier in the week, South Dakota State’s stand-out guard Nate Wolters had admitted that his team was essentially playing a home game.  Even IUPUI’s own Kerah Nelson chimed in on the mass of blue- and yellow-clad fans, saying that she and the rest of the Jags were having problems hearing the play call during their game against the Jacks.

Was the “neutral site” of the tournament “neutral” at all? No, absolutely not.  But an argument has to be made that although Sioux Falls is not the easiest place to play against SDSU, it may be the best location for the conference as a whole.

The weekend of women’s games set a new Summit League Tournament attendance record, totaling 17,836 fans in attendance over the four day tournament. The men’s final had 6,526 fans in attendance, the highest Summit League total since 1994 when Allstate Arena in Chicago drew 8,322, more than Sioux Falls Arena can even handle.

But that was back when the Summit League featured teams like Chicago State University, Cleveland State University, University of Illinois at Chicago, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay and Valparaiso University, all locations that allowed fans to easily make the trip to Chicago.  In the past 10 years we have seen the Summit League move drastically west, adding North Dakota State, South Dakota State, University of South Dakota and most recently University of Nebraska-Omaha. The westward moving trend leaves IUPUI as one of four teams east of the Mississippi River.

So what does this mean for IUPUI and the Summit League?  For starters, don’t expect the conference championships to be moving closer to Indianapolis anytime soon.  The more Western Plain teams that join the conference, the better claim that cities like Sioux Falls have to host the tournament.  What we know this all means for the IUPUI Jaguars is one thing:  Buck up and prepare to not only play a difficult South Dakota State team, but get accustomed to their rabid fan base as well.


One Year Means Everything
by Jason Haddix

The Indiana Pacers ended the 2010-2011 regular season with a record of 37-45.  Not stellar, but it was enough to secure the eighth, and final, Eastern Conference playoff spot.  The playoff run was short lived, the Pacers lost in the first round to the Chicago Bulls.  In order for the Pacers to compete for a NBA championship, some changes needed to occur.  Pacer management must have thought the same.

First and foremost, the roster received a slight overhaul resulting in a younger and seemingly more talented team.  One such move was acquiring George Hill from the San Antonio Spurs in exchange for the Pacers two 2011 draft picks.

Hill spoke about his return to Indianapolis and playing for the Pacers, “It was kinda surreal...as a kid I always dreamed of playing here.”  He continued, “it is kinda fun to be a part of something that is starting to grow in new tradition.” 

Hill has local ties to the Indianapolis area.  He is a graduate of Broad Ripple High School and a former student-athlete at IUPUI.

He had been recruited by several schools, including IU, but chose to “close to home” and attend IUPUI.  Hill said, “my grandfather was passing away at the time and my dreams was always for him to see me play.”  Sadly that never happed, his grandfather passed the same year Hill signed to play at IUPUI.    

While at IUPUI, Hill received many accolades, including the 2008 Summit League Player of the Year.  Hill entered the 2008 NBA draft after his redshirt Junior year and was selected by the San Antonio Spurs in the first round.  He also made history as the first player from IUPUI to ever be drafted into the NBA.

Many of the offseason roster changes demonstrated a youthful movement for the Pacers.  They are now considered a young team by NBA standards.  Eight of the 13 players on the rosters have three years or less in the NBA.  Overall, the Pacers average NBA experience is just over four years.   

Despite the roster changes and successful season, game attendance is not demonstrating the Hoosier State’s love of basketball.  The home attendance average is just above 13,600 fans.  Ranking the Pacers 29th out of the 30 teams.  In April, the final month of the regular season, the Pacers have 15 games; a favorable schedule with 10 of those games at home.

The name on the back of the jerseys change, but the name on the front stays the same. In recent years, success has not been the norm for the Pacers.  Fan can play a crucial role in a teams performance.  For example, when the arena is filled with supportive fans, Hill says, “It’s a big difference!”  He also added, “Success brings fans.”  By all accounts, the season has been a success, just not in ticket sales.  Sadly, the positive off-the-court news rarely gets mentioned.  Hill stated, “This year we’re trying to reach out to the community more…touch more lives and bring more support in.”  With hope the fans will, “see that we’re reaching out.”

Fans want to see a team play like they believe they can win each and every time they step onto the court Hill pointed out, “Young players like myself who’s still learning.  We’re starting to get that winning mindset here.”

It is time to support the Pacers and show the rest of the NBA that Indiana is still a “hotbed” for basketball.  So, put on your blue and gold, get to Bankers Life Fieldhouse and root for your Indiana Pacers.


What Happened To The Upsets?
by Michael Hadley

If you have been following the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, you may have noticed the historic nature of the "second" round upsets. For the first time since 2001's Hamton-over-Iowa State shocker, a number two seed was felled by a lowly 15-seed. In fact, it happened twice this tournament, with Norfolk State topping Missouri and Lehigh stunning Duke.

But where did the rest of the upsets go?

There were plenty of good games in the opening weekend of this year's tournament. From Thursday through Sunday, a 64-team bracket was wittled down to a mere 16 teams, but only four of those were double-digit seeds, and a shocking one of sixteen came from a non-power conference. (Xavier is an exception because of their tremendous basketball budget. See: The Mid Majority and The Red Line.)

The South regional bracket saw the most success for lower seeds, with four of the eight opening games being taken by the "less talented" side. Upon further examination, these wins weren't all they may be cracked up to be. Two of the higher seeds, Notre Dame and UNLV, were both notoriously streaky all season. Virginia Commonwealth's run to the Final Four last year proved their 12-over-5 upset of Wichita State wasn't exactly "shocking" (all of the pun in the world intended), leaving Lehigh's histortic upset of Duke remaining. The history books will not remember, in all likelihood, how terrible the Duke defense had been all season. Relying nearly entirely on their shooting to carry them, the Blue Devils were simply outgunned by C.J. McCollum's 30-point performance. Beside's Xavier knocking off the Mountain Hawks of Lehigh to make the Sweet 16, The South went 1-3-4 in the remaining three slots.

The West regional bracket gave us one of our very special 15-over-2 upsets in the 86-84 thiller between Norfolk State and Missouri. (Busted bracket or not, how could you have not loved watching that one?!) Besides NSU, only one lower-seed advanced, that being St. Louis University's 61-54 victory over Memphis in the 8-9 game. Neither Norfolk State nor SLU would advance to the Round of 16. Florida snatched the vacant spot left by Mizzu's departure, but otherwise, like The South, The West went 1-3-4 besides Florida.

The East was the most boring (for all of you upset-minded viewers like myself) bracket of all. Every top seed won, and besides 6-seed Cincinnati's disposal of Florida State, another hot-and-cold team, in the Round of 32, three of the top four seeds (1-2-4) made the Sweet 16.

The Midwest had a bit more flair than the other brackets, sending two double-digit seeds into the Sweet 16, including the only non-power conference school (Ohio). The Bobcats first toppled a cold-shooting Michigan squad, then outlasted Southern Florida, themselves on the winning end of a 12-over-5 upset, on their way to a Round of 16 date with North Carolina. North Carolina State, an 11-seed, managed to sneak through opening weekend unblemished, taking San Diego State and Georgetown down in consecutive games. Purdue was almost a third double-digit seed in the final four of The Midwest region, but the Boilermakers saw their hot shooting streak they garnered in their defeat of St. Mary's College go cold in the second half against Kansas. The Midwest, then, went 1-2-11-13.

Only four times has a 15-seed stood victorious over a 2-seed, and it happened twice this year. In the last 22 of 24 tournaments, at least one 12-seed was victorious over a 5-seed, a streak that stands again this year. A true Mid Major school made it to the National Championship two years running, a streak that had a 1/16 chance of happening again this year by the Sweet 16 mark.

So I suppose for all of you bracket-huggers, I hope you picked the top seeds to advance. Stephanie in the office pool, or your 10-year old brother Stephen, probably has a much better bracket than you do, thanks nearly entirely to their stedfast loyalty to the higher seeds. I hope you all had a fun, safe and exciting opening round, cheering on whatever team(s) float your boat (bracket).

Don't forget to keep an eye out for talk of Alex Young as he enters the 2012 NBA Draft coming up this summer. The IUPUI Senior is projected somewhere between the mid and late first round.


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