February 7, 2010

Recap: IUPUI vs WIU

Robert Glenn Prediction: He'll have 19 and 7. What Happened: As you might know, Rob has been fighting a cold all week. In just 23 minutes, he had 27 points and 6 rebounds. Against this obviously over-matched WIU team, he could have had 40 or more points if he were healthy and played 35+.
Alex Young
Prediction: He'll bounce back after a long week of practice to have 25, including at least 50% from 3. What Happened: AY5 came back in a big way. He shot 50% from 3 (2/4) and had 20 points, including a MONSTER slam (of course).
Leroy Nobles Prediction: Look for him to have a quiet 12 and 5. What Happened: 10 points, 2 rebounds. Roy, like Rob, is fighting last-third-of-the-season injury, nothing major, but enough to keep him slowed down.
Billy Pettiford, John Ashworth, and the bench Prediction: IUPUI's bench is always strong, but the big three know it's buckle down time. Avery has 10, but the rest feed Rob, Alex, and Roy all game.
What Happened: "The rest" factored in a little bit more than I had anticipated, but if you add Rob and Alex's points, you get 47...Which is 5 more than all of WIU. Avery had 6 points, Ashworth had 10 (TEN) assists, and Billy had 3 more steals. David Mazanowski got in the game for only the second time in Summit League play, Nick DeSchepper got in the game (he needs to continue to step up to allow Ashworth to rest a bit), Smooth (Anthony Williams) was in, as well as Christian Siakam and Sean Esposito. The bench put together a good stat line - 49 minutes | 7 Points | 2 Assists | 1 Block | 2 Steals - especially since this was really just an all out barrage by the Big 3 trying to get them tuned up for the end of the season.
[Note: Billy became 1 of 4 players in IUPUI history to have more than 3000 minutes].

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  1. Your right, when the Jags are on, there is not a better team in the Summit. The question is how will they respond for the remaining conference games and into the Summit League Tournament. I think the key is to limit the turnovers and pound the glass. We also have to find a way to get Roy Nobles open shots. He is money when he gets open looks and that opens up the middle for Rob Glenn. I like your take on Bill Petiford - He does it all and really makes this team stick. I wish he would be more aggressive taking the ball to the hoop. I will comment on the keys to the rest of season.