February 7, 2010

IUPUI's Rankings and Team Leaders

TEAM RANKINGS:IUPUI ranks 6th in the Nation in FG% and 19th in the Nation in 3PT%.
Basketball State has IUPUI ranked at 122th, their RPI ranking is 104, and their Mid Major poll ranking is 25th.
When the guys are on, LOOK OUT. If Rob can get going inside, that opens up the perimeter for Leroy and Alex. Ashworth runs the point better than anyone else in the league (except maybe Jones from Oakland), and as per a conversation I've had with him, he doesn't even like it. Billy's Basketball IQ is off the charts. He's basically a Point Guard trapped in a Power Forward's body. He can take the ball up the court, he can run the point, he's nationally ranked for steals/game, et cetera et cetera. Oh, and Jon Avery might be the best 6th-Man in the nation (he shoots almost 60% from the floor!!!). Watch out for the Jaguars. If they are as fired up as they say they are, the conference tournament is in the bag.

INDIVIDUAL RANKINGS: Points/Game - Robert Glenn (18.6)
Minutes/Game - John Ashworth (33.4)
Field Goal % - Jon Avery (59.9)
Freethrow % - John Ashworth (80.6)
3PT Fieldg Goal % - Leroy Nobles (43.5)
Rebounds/Game - Robert Glenn (6.6)
Assists/Game - John Ashworth (5.3)
Assists/Turnover Ratio - John Ashworth (2.4:1)
Steals/Game - Billy Pettiford (2.3)
Blocks/Game - Robert Glenn (1.4)
Efficiency - Robert Glenn (17.9)
Effective Field Goal % - Jon Avery (59.9)
Points Per Shot - Robert Glenn (1.27)
True Shooting % - Robert Glenn (64.5)
Points Per 40 Minutes - Robert Glenn (25.1)

Really, Robert Glenn should be looked at by pro scouts. He's an incredible player. He's too fast for the big guys, and too strong for the more athletic guys. When the scouts came out for Keith Benson a week and a half ago, He went 11-13 from the floor and 4-4 from the line for 25 points. He's gone over 20 points 12 times, and over 30 points twice. He plays off of the crowd and the intensity, so the more adversity (or positive backing) he has, the better he plays - He loves shutting opposing crowds up or making ours go CRAZY. We'll see what the Pro scouts say, but I think if he can improve his jump shot he'll be in the NBA is 3 or 4 years.

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