March 8, 2010

Summit League Semifinals Preview

Game 5: #1 University of Oakland vs. #5 Indiana-Purdue Fort Wayne
This game is going to be a lot closer than some people will say. Oakland's big thing is making it hard to drive into the lane. Fortunately for IPFW, they have a plethora of people who can shoot from range, and are among the best distance shooters in the league. Oakland will certainly out rebound the 'Dons, but IPFW played much better in the second half of their game than Oakland did. It would be amazing if IPFW (.500 in conference play) could beat Oakland (1 loss in 18 conference games), but I don't think its possible. Oakland wins this game, but by less than double digits.

Game 6: #2 Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis vs. #3 Oral Roberts
These two teams just split the season series, while each team won by an average of 2 points (IUPUI by 3, ORU by 1). Both teams are coming off of hard fought games, however IUPUI has had about 46 hours of rest while ORU only has about 21. March is all about who is hot and who is not, and I think that ORU's flame burnt out last night against NDSU. Barely escaping, ORU proved their short bench wasn't going to cut it down the stretch. IUPUI's "Big Three" (Robert Glenn, Alex Young, and Leroy Nobles) need to have big games, and if at least two of them do IUPUI will have a great shot. I have to give the edge to IUPUI, but it will be close - Within 5

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