November 22, 2010

Game Review, Game 5: Green Bay

Wow, what a game. If we can play like that down the stretch, we'll be dangerous. There's still work to do, but how about we savor this one for a bit. Let's look back at it.

Player of the Game: Leroy Nobles, IUPUI
Leory finally got his "mojo back" as he told me after the game. He was very excited to finally watch the ball go in (7-11 FG, 5-5 FT, 2-4 3P) and be productive on offense (a team high 0.360 Efficiency/Possession). This Leroy is the one I thought could average 20+ with Alex.

Six Man of the Game: Donovan Gibbs, IUPUI
Not outstanding numbers, and at times he seemed lost, but a solid performance on the night. (Not to mention the best player off the bench by far.) He was pulling down rebounds, tipping balls out, and getting his hands in passing lanes to disrupt things.

Stat of the Game: 13-4.
Stephen Thomas outscored Green Bay (the entire team) 13-4 through the first 6:08. Yes, one player scored 13 points in 6:04 while the other team scored 4. [OF STAR COMMAND!]


1) Win. (HELL YEAH!)
It's about time. Finally a complete performance with three guys stepping up big at once.

2) Have A Total Effort. (YUP!!)
See #1. Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.

3) Don't Turn It Over. (Sigh...)
It wasn't a huge factor, but limiting turnovers could've meant a 30+ point win. We ended with 14, half of which were via Alex.

4) 45% FG; 40% 3P; 80% FT.
44.0% FG; 40.0% 3P; 68.4% FT. I was super super close. If the Jaguars hit two more foul shots (84%) and one shot (46%) I'm dead on. Sweet.


  1. Has Patton replaced Christian as the starting big man? Seems like Hunter went back to a very short rotation like last year and got a win with that.

  2. Seems like Siakam has fallen out of coach's good graces very production and too many dumb fouls will do that.

    Patton should be a solid starter for now, his non-box score statistics have been off the nonexistent charts. (Tips, picks, etc)

    We'll see going forward, but the rotation seems to be
    Guard: Thomas, Ashworth; Rice, Esposito
    Swing: Young, Nobles; Gibbs
    Forward: Patton; Siakam, Gibbs

    Like I said, we'll see.

  3. (Yes, I know Gibbs is there twice, he just plays both positions and has been bouncing back and forth depending on who's out there with him.)

  4. I listened to the game on the radio. Pretty dominate... I wish it could have been like that against Miami. I'm looking forward to them playing at home again. It feels like there's a lot of stuff to look forward to. So many question marks and so much potential.

  5. The defense is what will keep them in games all season. Mitch has done a great job inside getting a hand in faces/disrupting, but Devo and Christian both need to learn how to get in the way without fouling. Devo did an okay job of it in this game but still has work to do. It's not like they can't score, we have plenty of guys who can shoot. It's just a matter of making sure the opposition doesn't run away early.

    Lots of question marks, but this handful of days off should be very helpful.