November 22, 2010

Keys To The Game: Green Bay

Well, there's one more game left in the O'Reilly CBE Classic Sub-Regional portion of this tournament. The Jaguars will try to salvage their last game and avoid being the only team without a win for the weekend. Let's do it.

1) WIN.
Losing all four games in the tournament will be very difficult on the morale of the team. They've got to find a way to pull out a victory.

2) Have A Total Effort.
Each game so far has been good for someone or a couple people, but has yet to be great for the group. The guys must figure out a way to be successful without putting the burden on one or two guys.

Losing by 1 against Miami while turning the ball over just nine times made it hurt just a bit less. But turning the ball over almost 20 times in a 15-point losing effort was extremely hard. Also, Alex and Leroy need to stop being responsible for half of the turnovers every game.

4) 45% FG; 40% 3P; 80% FT.

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