November 12, 2010

Meet The Recruit: Marcellus Barksdale

Marcellus Barksdale became the first signee of IUPUI's 2011 incoming recruit class on November 11. A very well spoken, intelligent young man was kind of enough to answer a few questions for Student On Sports as well as for the fans. Check it out!

Student On Sports: First off, when did you first hear of IUPUI?
Marcellus Barksdale: I first heard of IUPUI this passed summer when Coach Austin Parkinson gave me a call and informed me that they were recruiting Me.

SOS: When did you think, 'Yeah, I want to go there'?
MB: I realized IUPUI was the place for Me after my Mom got a chance to meet with Coach Hunter face to face. They talked for about an hour and really connected. I really like how Coach Hunter is first and foremost a man of God and his viewpoints and outlooks on life reflect that. He's also a straight up coach who tells like it is. He also does a great job of making his players successful in life on and off the court.

SOS: How was IUPUI better than the other schools that recruited you?
MB: IUPUI was actually my only scholarship offer. When I stepped on campus for my official visit it was like love at first sight! The city of Indianapolis has a great market for basketball as well as the broadcasting and sports journalism field. Its also cool knowing I have some of my KY boys coming with me. Shoutout to Leroy, Donovan, Jordan, and Lyonell! Lol

SOS: How do you think you'll fit into Ron Hunter's system?
MB: Coach Hunter's system at IUPUI is great for Me. He really has had a lot of success with versatile guards, like me. I love the energy and intensity his teams play with along with their willingness to succeed. Plus Coach Hunter and his staff do a great job developing players so I feel like I can maximize my potential at IUPUI.

SOS: What are you most excited about in regards to college ball?
MB: I'm excited about everything in regards to college and college basketball! I'm excited to make Indianapolis my new home and begin making a name for myself. I'm also anxious to put on that IUPUI uniform next year and have a lot of success as a team! Its always been a dream of mine to play in the NCAA Tournament. We plan on making that happen multiple times! 

SOS: What do you think you need to work on in your final high school season to help you excel in college?
MB: First and foremost this high school season I'm looking to work hard everyday to win a State Title. But for next year, I mainly need to improve my strength as well as explosiveness. Another big thing I need to improve on is my agressiveness. I just need to get that dog in me on the court and get mean when I step between the lines. 

SOS: How many "What is IUPUI" questions have you gotten? (We get that a lot...haha)
MB:  I've been asked so many times what IUPUI is!! Lol then when I tell them what it stands for they get confused. I might just print out a lot of IUPUI brochures and hand them out to whoever asks! Hopefully in the next few years everyone will know what IUPUI is! 

SOS: Do you hate Oral Roberts yet?
MB: Oral Roberts who? Lol

I appreciate Marcellus taking time to answer my questions and wish him tons of luck at Tates Creek this upcoming basketball season.

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  1. I'd like to add Marcellus is one of the nicest kids I've talked to in a long time. He will absolutely excel here at IUPUI both on and off the court.