December 25, 2010

Four Observations From IUPUI vs San Fransisco

Another close game, but this one finally went the way of the Jaguars. Sean Esposito better get whatever he wants for Christmas from his family.

1) If this is what next year's team is going to look like (yaknow, without John Ashworth's crazy good night...), I'm not too worried. I love Leroy, and he knows that, but the dynamic seemed different. The scoring was spread out and was more about the open man than the scoring man. That being said, if the same team dynamic can be achieved with Leroy IN the lineup, they may have found their answer offensively: Spread out the shots.

2) The runs allowed by IUPUI all year are completely insane to me as a sports fan. It's like a football team scoring in the first and third quarter only. Or a baseball team deciding that the 4th-8th innings don't need to have any base runners. It's not just one game here or there, it has been nearly EVERY game on the schedule. It is certainly not helping me sleep.

3) Scott McCauley (IUPUI radio play-by-play) dropped about 20 "superhoop" references. I'm not even going to pretend to be remotely unexcited. THAT IS SO AWESOME. For those of you who don't know what a superhoop is, this might help.

4) For anyone who believes in statistics, this game was perfect. USF started out shooting the lights out from three (9-14), they cooled off to a chilly 2-11 in the second half, ending the game at 11-25, or 44% which is much closer to their season average (36.4) than it seemed they'd be shooting. The same can be said across the board, for both teams. Averages always come through in the end, and anomalies are always extremely rare and have an explanation.

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