December 23, 2010

Four Observations From IUPUI vs SDSU, Part Deux

Without diving too far into each and every last musing from the game, here are five major points to take away from the second incarnation of IUPUI vs San Diego State.

1) There are very few BETTER ways to come back from a game like Duquesne than the way the Jaguars played last night. To go from getting embarrassed to two points away from beating the #7 team in the nation is a hell of a regain your mojo. I can't even begin to explain how proud of the guys I am.

2) Leroy playing the entire second half with a bum ankle was tough. By tough, I mean both 'difficult' and 'impressive because he was in a ton of pain'. After rolling at the end of the first half, he still managed to play and contribute immediately coming out of the locker room. He tweeted a picture of it being iced and e-stim'd, and we can only hope it helped. Still no word if he'll play as of 4:00pm EST.

3) The team is SO close to being incredibly successful this year. FOUR losses have been by one possession (1, 2, 2, 3 points), and two were winnable (11, 15 points) as IUPUI lead towards the end of the game. This game was no different, as IUPUI had plenty of opportunities to tie or take the lead late. There is plenty of learning going on every day, but I'm sure that's not what the seniors wanted. They all seemed devastated  post-game, and rightfully so. Losing sucks. Losing by two sucks even more. Losing by two to the #7 team in the nation the second time you play sucks the most.

4) The freshman are stepping up like crazy, especially PJ. If they continue to get better and better each game, next year is going to be insane. I can think of 10 guys who could all start, in addition to the three incoming freshman inked and two more that could all come off the bench for big minutes. Yep, that's all 15 guys. I like that a lot.

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