December 13, 2010

Game Review, Game 11: Ohio University

IUPUI took their second of six away games right from the hands of the Ohio Bobcats on Sunday afternoon. A less than full house was effectively muted as the Jaguars used a seven-plus minute, 18-0 run to claw their way back into the contest and more. Everyone stepped up according to what Coach Hunter asked throughout the game as they took home their most important win this season.

Player of the Game: Leroy Nobles, IUPUI
Any time I'm introducing someone to IUPUI basketball, I'll say of Leroy "If he gets hot, he's going to shoot every time he touches the ball...and they'll all go in." He was cold in the first half, but after Coach Hunter got after him about needing to step up, he did. Huge. 23 points on 8-15 (2-4 FT; 5-10 3P) shooting. Very good.

Six Man of the Game: Reggie Keely, Ohio
In just 18 minutes, Reggie was able to pick up 13 points and 7 rebounds (4 offensive) on 6-9 (1-2 FT) shooting.

Stat of the Game: 18-0, 7:05
IUPUI went on an 18-0 run after being down 9 in the second half, not allowing an actual fieldgoal for an incredible 8:00. That's absolutely huge for a team that has had a lot of trouble finishing games this season.


Et Cetera...

  • As I alluded to before, this win is the biggest of the year for IUPUI. Their previous victories have all come against terrible opponents (IUNW, IUE, Centenary) or on neutral floors (Green Bay), so to pick one up against a good team on the road could be season-altering.
  • The stat line might not show it, but Donovan and Anthony really played extremely well. Both have been leaning back and forth between important and a 'warm body', but I think the way they both played (and the way Donovan played on Thursday, also) is huge for both of their morales.
  • John Ashworth is no longer tied for #1 nationally in free throw percentage. He missed one. Crap.
  • The way that each guy responded individually to help out the whole team was absolutely fantastic to watch.
  • That Leroy kid is pretty good, eh? I don't think I've ever seen anyone take so many ill advised shots that were so perfectly taken and made.
  • I hear yet another take on IUPUI and their connection with both IU and Purdue...A drunken man in the stands kept yelling "HEY, IUPUI, YOU'RE THE BOILING HOOSIERS." I bet it took him all week to think of that one. Either way, it was new, which is surprising.
  • If IUPUI can get Leroy, Alex, and Stephen to all be scoring threats, then add Christian, Donovan, and/or Mitch running things inside, with John running the point...DANG.
  • Christian ended the game with 10 rebounds, his highest tally of the season. Of games he plays more than 19 minutes, Christian is averaging 7 rebounds a game. When he plays less than 19 minutes, he's averaging just 2.2.


Team Stats

5-4 (0-0)
BB State Rank
Points Against/Game
Fieldgoal %
3-Point %
Free Throw %
28 (6 O/22 D)
37 (11 O/26 D)

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Review: Keys To The Game

1) Shut Down DJ Cooper. (YES)
IUPUI played with a box-and-1 and their normal zone, depending on who was on the floor to guard Cooper, but he was held to just 1-9 shooting...He did have 6 assists, but was forced into 6 turnovers. IUPUI's weakness from last year (the defensive guard spot) is showing to be a major force thus far.

2) Play At An IUPUI Pace. (YES)
IUPUI forced a slower pace (66 & 69 possesions) that Ohio would've liked, but were able to push the tempo when Ohio sat on their heels and expected the Jaguars to come at them and set something up. The team absolutely came together in a huge way in Athens, and being able to switch tempos at will proved that they are learning to play together.

3) Take The Students Out Of It. (YES)
The student turnout was more than disappointing, but IUPUI thwarted any and all attempts to get the crowd into the game. When Ohio went on a 9-0 run, Coach Hunter called a time out and the offense went back to work, silencing the Bobcat faithful. Boy was it fun to watch.

4) 45% FG; 40% 3P; 75% FT. (Eh...)
39% FG; 38% 3P; 83% FT...There was a lull in the scoring, but the boys really turned it into another gear with about eight minutes to play. The numbers are more reflective of the gap between runs than anything else.


Pictures From The Trip

Ohio players doing their pre-game shooting.

The chairs.

Coach Hunter being thanked by Ohio fans for his work with Samaritan's Feet.

Before player introductions.

Halftime entertainment?

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