January 17, 2011

Summit League Power Rankings and Awards - 01/17/2011

There league is shaking out a bit more as teams come within a week of finishing the first go-around. Can anyone challenge Oakland? Will Southern Utah or Western Illinois miss the tournament? Find out!
It should be noted that the power rankings are, and will be, based on Summit League play ONLY thing weighing on my decision where to rank each team.

Conference Ranks

BBState.com: 23
RPI: 20
Non-Con Record: 36-59 (.379)


Conference Leaders: Individual

Points Per Game
Wolters, SDST (19.4)

Points Per 40 Minutes
Wolters, SDST (24.0)

Field Goal %
Bjorklund, NDST (64.0)

3-Point Field Goal %
Wolters, SDST (54.7)

Free Throw %
Callahan, SDST (95.5)

Effective Field Goal %
Valentine, OAK (66.1)

Points Per Shot
Hudson, OAK (1.37)

True Shooting %
Hudson, OAK (69.6)

Benson, OAK (19.8)

Minutes Per Game
Young, IUPUI (36.6)

Rebounds Per Game
Benson, OAK (10.2)

Rebound Rate
Johnson, UMKC (20.3)

Assists Per Game
Wolters, SDST (6.0)

Wolters, SDST (2.7:1)

Assist Rate
Wolters, SDST (72.8)

Steals Per Game
Jones Jr., SUU (1.8)

Blocks Per Game
Benson, OAK (3.5)

Block Rate
Benson, OAK (8.7)

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Conference Leaders: Team

Points For
Oakland (81.9)

Points Against
Western Illinois (62.8)

Field Goal %
Oakland (47.4)

Free Throw %
IPFW (76.6)

Rebounds Per Game
Oakland (36.8)

Assists Per Game
Oakland (15.6)

South Dakota State (1.432:1)

Turnovers Per Game
South Dakota State (10.6)

Steals Per Game
Centenary (7.6)

Points Per Shot
Oakland (1.16)

Possessions Per 40 Minutes
Oakland (73.0)

Points Per Possession
South Dakota State (1.13)

Points Allowed Per Possession
IPFW (0.99)


Power Rankings
Remember these are subjective rankings. Disagree? Say something!

1) Oakland 12-8 (7-0)
Previous: 1
BB State: 85
RPI: 59
SOS: 58
Last Week: 1-0 (W 86-68 v IPFW)
Oakland has beaten everyone but the Dakota teams, but those two games up north are going to be major tests, followed by a game against IUPUI at Conseco Fieldhouse. After these next two weeks it will truly be downhill for the Grizz. Anyone who wants to make a run at them must do so before the middle of February.

2) IUPUI 9-9 (3-2)
Previous: 2
BB State: 129
RPI: 109
SOS: 90
Last Week: 2-0 (W 67-64 v NDST; W 81-76 v SDST)
The Jaguars have been on fire since their near upset of San Diego State before Christmas. Their only loss since then has come at the hands of Oakland, but they've been steadily climbing in the RPI and BBState.com rankings. Wins against NDST and SDST put them in second place, tied with IPFW in the literal rankings.

3) South Dakota State 11-5 (3-2)
Previous: 3
BB State: 164
RPI: 215
SOS: 332
Last Week: 1-1 (W 81-50 v WIU; L 81-76 v IUPUI)
After dismantling WIU, the Jacks were unable to hold off IUPUI's furious second half performance. While I think they still have some holes to fill defensively, especially along the perimeter, but they've got a solid ball club.

4) Oral Roberts 8-12 (5-3)
Previous: 3
BB State: 170
RPI: 163
SOS: 119
Last Week: 2-0 (W 87-71 v SUU; W 69-63 [OT] v UMKC)
ORU finally got Dominique Morrison back against the 'Roos, but he didn't exactly play well at all. ORU has a hell of a long way to go to gain any kind of momentum before the halfway point in the conference schedule, just one week away. Niles, Roundtree, Morrison, Bell-Holter, and Holdman make up one of the more dangerous, or more comical, starting fives in the League. It's just so hard to tell with them.

5) IPFW 11-6 (5-2)
Previous: 5
BB State: 153
RPI: 168
SOS: 300
Last Week: 0-1 (L 86-68 v OAK)
IPFW has lost its last two League games, and with a trip to the Dakotas looming, they could drop four in a row. Oh, and after a break at Centenary, they'll play Oral Roberts and IUPUI back to back. We could be witnesses to one of the fastest implosions in League history.

6) UMKC 10-8 (3-4)
Previous: 7
BB State: 278
RPI: 233
SOS: 318
Last Week: 1-1 (W 71-67 v CENT; L 69-63 [OT] v ORU)
UMKC had a horrible weekend, and the only reason they're above NDST is because they actually won. Up 18 on ORU, plus a near laughable loss against Centenary...UMKC's 3-4 record is beginning to look generous.

7) North Dakota State 9-8 (3-4)
Previous: 4
BB State: 140
RPI: 201
SOS: 317
Last Week: 0-2 (L 67-64 v IUPUI; L 67-62 v WIU)
I have no idea what to say about North Dakota State. They nearly beat IUPUI, which would have set them up to be in second or third in the League, but two losses this weekend? Now they're floating on top of the 'rest' by a slim margin. Yikes.

T-8) Western Illinois 7-10 (2-5)
Previous: 8
BB State: 258
RPI: 301
SOS: 306
Last Week: 1-1 (L 81-50 v SDST; W 67-62 v NDST)
Western Illinois is doing everything they can to stay out of the lowly 9th spot. With SUU and Centenary both leaving, WIU needs to at least make the conference tournament to not look silly heading into next year. Beating NDST helped their cause, and their next game at SUU is huge to help them remain in 8th. Oh, WIU has the league's best defense (62.8 ppg) but the second worst offense (59.1 ppg). Wow.

T-8) Southern Utah 5-12 (2-5)
Previous: 9
BB State: 311
RPI: 269
SOS: 244
Last Week: 1-1 (L 87-71 v ORU; W 88-75 v CENT)
SUU was able to take down NDST a few weeks ago, but since then their only win was against Centenary. I really watch to catch the WIU v SUU game, as it will be the first true temperature check of the 8/9 spot.

10) Centenary 0-19 (0-8)
Previous: 10
BB State: 345
RPI: 341
SOS: 290
Last Week: 0-2 (L 71-67 v UMKC; L 88-75 v SUU)
I don't know what kind of system the RPI is using to determine team rankings, but Centenary is definitely the worst team in the nation. We're rooting for them to get their first win at some point, but the future is looking bleak.



Player of the Week: Alex Young, IUPUI.
In two huge games against North and South Dakota State, Alex went 17-31 (12-16 FT) and averaged 23 points, 7 rebounds, 2.5 assists, 2 steals, 2 turnovers, and an efficiency of 22.5.

Biggest Surprise of the Week: ORU's basket with 0.7 seconds left.
If you haven't seen the video, here it is. This could be the play of the year in the League. After being down by 18 points in the second half, the Golden Eagles stormed all the way back to win in overtime.

Stat of the Week: 4 points.
Centenary came within four points of their first win of the season. Four points. COME ON YOU, GENTS! (Just not against IUPUI, please...)

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