March 29, 2011

MBB Coaching Search and...Track??

I sent an email to IUPUI Sports Information Director Ed Holdaway to try to get some answers about the IUPUI coaching search and rumors about a track team coming to Michael A. Carroll Stadium.

Regarding the coaching search:

"Honestly, at this point, there’s really nothing to report. We’re at the very beginning of the process and I can’t really set a timeline as to when it’ll be completed. I do think it’ll come together fairly quickly though, because immediately after the Final Four, the recruiting season picks up...

"Things always pick up during Final Four weekend. AD’s are able to meet with many candidates in a short period of time. Nearly all men’s basketball head and assistant coaches and AD’s converge on the Final Four site."

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Regarding the track team rumor:

"...our cross country runners are currently running track season (four outdoor meets in April). It wouldn’t be too far-fetched to see track in IUPUI’s short and long-term plans."

Michael A. Carroll Stadium
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The track rumor is something I truly love to see...We have a $7 million world class track facility (12,111 seats; air-conditioned press box with wireless and a 72-person capacity; giant scoreboard on the East end; hosted the 2001 World Police & Fire Games; hosted 2006 & 2007 USA Track & Field Championships) that, currently, serves mainly as a training facility for IUPUI's other sports. Getting a track team could mean hosting championships, which means money for the university... We'll see.


  1. I think the track & field thing is more than just a rumor... I emailed Michael Moore awhile back and he definitely said that bringing back the program within the next few years was on his agenda...

  2. I would really like to see it happen...There's absolutely no reason for Carroll to sit dormant.