April 11, 2011

IUPUI Coaching Search

The IUPUI Men's Basketball coaching search was jump started exactly three weeks ago when Ron Hunter called a player meeting to confirm his departure to Georgia State University. While many have speculated on who will be hired next, there is one thing for sure: The process is underway...Silently.

Student on Sports has received information that there will in fact be interviews taking place this week regarding the vacant position. Jeff Rabjohns reported earlier this month that, in addition to the obvious Todd Howard, former Butler and Iowa head coach Todd Lickliter and former Oregon State head coach (and current California assistant) Jay John were going to be considered. In an email response to a request for information, a true confirmation was far from apparent.

...the pool of candidates in any head men’s basketball coaching search at D1 level is large; to single out any individual or small group as being “considered” would be unfair because it connotes they somehow are “ahead” in the process.  Those three each have reasons that would make them good candidates as do many other possible individuals…. 

Okay, so let's go through what we know.

1) Todd Howard is who all of the players (former and current) and former coaches (Ron Hunter & Bob Lovell) want to take over. Personally, I have no idea why he wasn't simply given the reigns and asked how much he'd like to be paid.

2) No one will confirm who is being interviewed, including Howard. Take what you want from this, but I think it's pretty shady. Not that people aren't talking, but that they CAN'T. There is an obvious crave for information, and the athletic department has been instructed to keep their mouths shut. Why? 

3) There is no money in the budget for a big name hire. Nor is there money in the budget to buy out contracts and hire all new guys, especially for two former head coaches (Jay and Lickliter) who could potentially ask for a whole new staff to better along with their former styles of coaching.

4) I can't think of any excuse for the vow of silence that the IUPUI Athletic Department has taken. Again, it's coming from the top. The same group that waited until four days before fall practice began to promote Austin Parkison to head coach is now taking their time on this huge decision. It just doesn't sit right with me at all.


Any more information will be made available as it comes through the wire both here and at twitter.com/RedZoneIUPUI

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