July 18, 2011

Off Season Sports News

There has been much ado about some awesome new things happening in the IUPUI athletic department over the summer.

The departure of Ron Hunter (Men's Basketball), Steve Franklin (Men's Soccer), Jim Shuck (Men's and Women's Swimming and Diving), and Joni Saunders (Women's Cross Country) left some major holes to be filled by Athletic Director Mike Moore and his staff.

The Men's Basketball and Women's Cross Country openings were filled from within, seeing former Associate Head Coach Todd Howard taking the basketball spot and former Assistant Coach Antonio McDaniel take over as the Women's Cross Country head coach.

As for Men's Soccer, another former assistant Isang Jacob left his place at Penn State University as assistant coach/recruiting coordinator to lead the Jaguars in their 2011 campaign. Matt Bos will be the new Men's and Women's Swimming and Diving head coach, leaving the same position at Eastern Illinois behind.

Austin Parkinson took over as interim head coach of the Women's Basketball program for 2011-2012, and after a promising start to his career as the man in charge he was awarded the full time spot.

IUPUI will be adding outdoor track and field for the 2011-2012 school year, according to AD Mike Moore. Men's Cross Country Head Coach Chuck Koeppen as well as Women's Cross Country Head Coach Antonio McDaniel will be the initial leaders of each squad, with the majority of competitors will be current cross country runners competing in long distance events. Other events will be phased in as the program gains traction.

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