September 3, 2011

SPORTS: Back And Forth Match Gives Women's Soccer Their First Draw

by Candis Cunningham

Photo by Rachel Hale

Hard work pays off. It’s the golden phrase. But there’s one variable missing and it’s called, maybe.

In Friday’s 99 degree temperature, the Jaguar women’s soccer team came out just as hot tying the Eastern Illinois Panthers 2-2.

Freshman Taylor Heidorn showed she wasn’t as fresh to the field as one may think as she scored the first goal for the Jags in the first half with an assist from sophomore Sarah Carlisle.

“My goal was to just come into the game and make a difference and help my team out,” said Heidorn. “That’s what I did and I felt good about it.”

Heidorn had been stepping up to the plate according to Coach Chris Johnson.

Less than ten minutes later, Heidorn was assisting the ball to Senior Chelsi McHenry for another goal, taking the Jags up 2-0 in the half. 

“She had a great game against Indiana State. She played well against Detroit too and Eastern Michigan,” said Johnson. “She’s showed what she was capable of and she’s been an offensive lift.”

The Panthers on the other hand showed they had an offensive lift as well. Within five minutes into the half, EIU was scoring a goal at 46:22 and just like the Jags did in the first half, the Panthers scored their second goal shortly thereafter at 4:47.

Photo by Rachel Hale
Back and forth. Back and forth.

Tied, 2-2 the match was an all-out battle for the win as both matched in hustle plays, great saves and goal attempts. The Jaguars created several opportunities to score, but simply could not get the ball in the goal and there are some problems at the surface.

Although Heidorn has been a lift, Johnson said the team is still too dependent on senior leader Megan Hock. Hock was named Summit League Offensive Player of the Week

“We know we have Megan Hock up top and she’s a kid that has scored a lot of goals for us over the years, but it can’t be just her out there doing that job for us,” said Johnson.

“Some other kids have got to step up and say ‘hey, we’re going to win a game for IUPUI.’”

So the team is left with losses, marginal wins or a tie until they find more leaders to take them to level they want to be. 

Eastern Illinois 0 2 (0 0) - 2
IUPUI 2 0 (0 0) - 2

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