October 10, 2011

AROUND CAMPUS: Men's Basketball Program Seeking Student Managers

by Michael Hadley

The Men’s Basketball team is searching for IUPUI students interested in in the basketball managers program.

If you’re interested in helping the basketball squad, this is a perfect opportunity to get involved! Applicants could be former sports manager in high school, basketball players from any level, or just fans of the game looking to expand knowledge.

Jason Bucker, IUPUI’s Director of Basketball Operations, said, “We are looking for hard-working, team-oriented full time IUPUI students…Responsibilities may include charting and keeping statistics from live practices and games, rebounding and helping with drills in practice, distributing water and towels during practices and games, video editing, recruiting mail-out programs, working the scoreboard during practice, tracking and setting up equipment at practice and games, welcoming visiting teams, and other duties that may arise throughout the season.”

While it is an unpaid position, the student manager role is extremely important to the success of program as a whole. There is a bit of a time commitment involved, and practices are generally between 3pm and 6pm on weekdays.

Anyone interested should send an email to Jason Buckner at jcbuckne@iupui.edu with their fall class schedule, previous experience, and contact information.

Get out there and get involved, Jaguars! 

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