February 6, 2010

College Basketball: A Blowout Story

I was fairly disappointed in the "closeness" of the games today. I was VERY excited to watch a LOT of good basketball, but only a few games truly delivered!
IUPUI beat DOWN WIU by 28, but it really wasn't even that close. If Ron Hunter had wanted to, it could've been 85 or 90 to 30 or 35. I'll take the win, and the guys really needed a blow out like that after the IPFW game, but man was it a laugher.
Let's just do a quick run-down of the Top25 today.
#1Kansas had a close one at home against Nebraska until they pulled away in the final 10.
#8 Georgetown beat #2'Nova by 13, but let's face it that game was over after the first eight minutes.
#3Kentucky demolished LSU by 26.
#5Michigan State had a good game against Illinois, but with that crowd and no Kalin Lucas it was inevitable.
#6West Virginia played a horrible first half, but came out and DESTROYED St.Johns in the second half.
#9Duke survived at Boston College, in another close one.
#10Texas got blown out at Oklahoma.
#11Kansas State was blowing out Iowa State before the Cyclones clawed their way back.
#12BYU got stomped by under-rated UNLV.
#13Gonzaga beat down Memphis, another pick here.
#14Tennessee WRECKED South Carolina.
#15Butler dominated Wright State so much that the announcers were talking about the history of Mt. Dew.
#16Wisconsin...Well they played Michigan, the most under-performing team ever.
#17Temple got manhandled by Richmond.
#19Georgia Tech played a tough game against scrappy NCState, and hey finally another good game.
#20Vanderbilt was embarrassed by a moderately-talented Georgia team.
#21Pittsburgh played Seton Hall...so obviously that wasn't close either.
#22Northern Iowa played a GREAT game against Southern Illinois, finally putting a great Mid-Major team on the map.
#23New Mexico played in another great Mid-Major game, beating San Diego State by two in overtime.
#24Baylor bounced themselves out of the Top 25 with a loss at Texas A&M.
#25Cornell rounds out the Top 25 with a beatdown of Brown.
When all is said and done, there might have been 5 good games today. In the middle of league play, these games should be closer! They should be more fun! Alas, I did have a good day watching basketball all day. As the season wraps up in the next month and conference tournaments start, I honestly can not WAIT to see how the tournament shapes up (no matter how many teams are in it).

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