November 20, 2010

Keys To The Game: Miami (OH)

IUPUI is looking to win three games in three days. One at a time, though, and here are the keys to the game against Miami.

1) Control The Tempo.
IUPUI is a fast-paced team that likes to score in transition. The better they can run the floor and hit a shot before the opposing defense has time to set up a scheme, the better. Miami, on the other hand, loves to take the game slow. They'll be looking to keep the score low (they have two players averaging double figures at 10.5 and 10.0 ppg) and keep our guys from getting hot.

2) Take High Percentage Shots.
Ron Hunter has his guys taking more outside shots (23.5 per game) than this offense can truly handle. They might not be able to dominate inside like last year with Rob, Jon, and Billy, but the guys have to stop being afraid to drive into the lane. Stephen was great driving the lane over the summer but really hasn't done much this year. Christian has been almost completely invisible. Donovan has a great mid-range shot, he must show up against a good opponent and not just IU-Northwest. Get inside of the lane, score easy points. Easy...right? ...Right? Right??! Sigh...

3) Take The Crowd Out Of It.
Millett Hall on the Miami campus is notorious for being way too off of the court. Unlike The Jungle where students and fans alike are literally an arms-length from the action, Millett was designed for things other than basketball games and it shows. The crowd struggles to stay in the game, and if IUPUI can start to pull away early they will fade for good. No doubt Ron would love to get a victory against his old team, also.

4) 45% FG; 35% 3P; 80% FT.
Smart, inside shots. Open looks from three, not forced heaves. Hit your foul shots at the end of the game to ice it. Simple, right?

Short, sweet, and to the point. Check out my Tournament Coverage for schedules, statistics, and all things O'Reilly CBE Classic, Oxford Regional. (It doesn't roll off the tongue like I would have hoped.)

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